Delicious Monthly Wine Box

Delicious Monthly Wine Box

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Delicious monthly wine box 

Enjoy a monthly box of 4 handpicked wines.

Every month the box is themed and includes tasting notes, discounts on further purchases and suggestions for cheese and food pairings. Every other month the theme for the box will be home wine tasting, be social invite your friends and follow the notes provided to host your own tastings at home..

Why 4?

This gives me the option to chose wines that vary in price in the box, for example a box could be made up of a £20 wine and 3 £8 wines, equally it could be 4 wines at £11 each, with 6 bottles it's almost impossible to have such a variation, also 4 wines= 4 weekends.

Here's how it works 

  • You will be emailed the following months theme on the 20th of the month.
  • Set up a standing order or bank transfer for the 24th of the month 
  • The delicious wine box will be ready to collect from the 1st of the month

I am happy to offer a bespoke box for you, if you want only whites, or only reds or 2 of each, you just have to say, the standard box will include 2 white and 2 red wines unless you say otherwise.

Collection from Delicious: Free 

Delivery within Weymouth: £2 

Delivery beyond Weymouth £7 

Wine boxes are either ready to collect on the 1st of the month or delivered shortly afterwards.


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